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Thread: Wholesale business and Google Adwords?

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    Wholesale business and Google Adwords?

    We are a wholesaler and our website is setup so only registered verified businesses can view pricing and purchase items.

    We are thinking about doing a Google Adwords campaign but I am concerned that it may not be worth it considering how our site is setup.

    Have any other wholesalers (who use the hidden prices type setup) have any experience with Google Adwords?

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    To be honest, you may end up with a lot of wastage.
    It may be better to find related services and target them directly.

    If you do go down the Adsense route you should some research and include stop words so you're not paying for terms you know won't lead to sales or, at least, interest!

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    It seems like your ROI would be lower with this type of set-up. I think AdamC is right, if you want to pursue an AdSense campaign you really need to properly focus your keywords to reap maximum benefits.

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