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    New cloud computing online backup startup


    I am the founder and CEO of I will really appreciate it if the helpful folks here could try it for free and give me their feedback. We have a 14 day free trial option which does not require a credit card. We are still small but growing rapidly. Here is your chance to influence this product. If you want to communicate privately, please send email to no contact information allowed in forum. I always reply to each and every email.

    Goyus application does the following:

    1. Automatically finds your photos, video, music, iTunes, Outlook, Word and Excel files and builds a catalog. We will keep looking for more things to add to the catalog. Feel free to make suggestions.
    2. Automatically backs up all the files in the catalog at night every day. You can change the default backup time to anything you want. You can also change the catalog any time.
    3. Lost or corrupted files? Restore with a single click.
    4. Want to restore files from a crashed hard drive or a stolen laptop? One click to select the PC from a list of PCs you own and another click to start the restore. This will sync files on one PC with another.
    5. Files always get restored to their original location (unless you are restoring files on Vista or Windows 7 that were backed up from XP; see below). Original file creation time, last modified time and last access time is preserved after restore!
    6. Want to restore files backed up from "Documents and Settings" directory on a XP PC on Vista or Windows 7? This works correctly; files get copied to the correct relative path under c:\<PC name> where <PC name> is the name of the XP PC. Note that there is no "Documents and Settings" directory in Vista and Windows 7.
    7. Share files with other users. You can create a list of friends and share files with the entire list.
    8. Sign in at and see backup status for all the PCs you own, number of files backed up in the cloud, total storage consumed in the cloud, your billing date, your next billing amount, your backup time, file sharing information and your catalog items. We will continue to add more information here.
    9. It costs just $5/month for an unlimited number of PCs! You get 5GB of storage for this amount. Additional storage costs only a small amount of money. Very few of my customers pay more than $5/month.
    10. Earn unlimited free storage by signing up friends. Both you and your friend get an additional 1GB of storage free. Easy to signup friends thanks to the facebook and twitter buttons in the app.
    11. Encrypted connection to US data centers. Your files are safe and secure.

    Thank you for your time.

    Suyog Bhobe
    Founder & CEO
    Goyus, Inc
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