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Thread: Which Software?

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    Jun 2020
    In my opinion Quickbooks online's Inventory Management Module is the best for this. It is very useful and cost effective for Small and Medium sized industries.

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    Sep 2020
    Very simple and efficient record keeping program is "Incrates".

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    Nov 2020
    Have not heard about "Incrates". Will make a research

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    Aug 2020
    Interesting, what software did you end up choosing?

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    Feb 2021
    In regards to erp systems, we would recommend the following.

    Inventory Software Financing: , to finance the purchase of your inventory software

    Inventory Software
    Odoo Inventory:
    Sap Inventory :
    Netsuite :

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    Feb 2021
    Thanks for the detailed tips and working links

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    Apr 2021
    Here is the best inventory tracking software. i think it will help you.

    Odoo Inventory: Odoo Inventory is expertly designed to help companies improve their internal operations, specifically by providing them with the most efficient stocking methods imaginable.

    inFlow Inventory: The secret powering 940,000+ wholesalers, retailers & manufacturers worldwide. Easily track stock, manage orders, invoice, ship & more.

    EZOfficeInventory: Our leading asset tracking software enables you to manage inventory and assets across your company. Track vendors, move inventory across locations, and customize low stock threshold alerts for optimized inventory management.

    NetSuite: Manage inventory automatically. Reduce handling costs. Optimise cash flow. Handle inventory, sales and finances from one platform

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