Starting a new business from the ground up, and I'd like to do it right the first time.

I was leaning towards iCode Everest Advanced, and planning on hosting the entire suite on a server at my ISP... ...but have just come across new information on NetSuite's hosted solution, which is sounding pretty good too...

What I'm looking for:
- all in one business management(!)
- ecommerce
- inventory management
- sales & shipping
- integrated payments system that everything?

Am I on the right track with iCode, or should I be looking at a wider range of solutions?

I contacted CoreSense, but the $15,000 startup fee left a sour taste in my mouth...(I don't think they fully understand the 'small' in 'small business'...!)

It's only myself for now, with another person possibly joining me in 6 months. I'd like to 50-90% online sales, but also have the ability to access a type of POS internal to the office (it's an automotive performance shop that sells performance and OE parts, as well as having a 'service' component and shop with face-to-face customer relations...)

Thanks for any help.