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Thread: HELP - Reached max. number of entries in Quickbook

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    I'm not sure who that is

    I don't know, but the guy you're talking about hasn't been here for a while. Either way... thanks to GreatCPA for the mention.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rebecca Palm
    ...even though there is a true relational database on the back end, it is not exposed to allow you to integrate other sources of data outside of Quickbooks. Basically, everything needs to be added/modified/deleted through the Quickbooks front end, which is very limiting.

    For example, one division of the Department of Homeland Security that we're working with is switching because they want to populate their orders through a Java front end, which they can't do efficiently or in real time through QB.


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    Actually, this is not correct.

    QuickBooks has a rather robust SDK that can work with Java in real time - see

    With that said, I agree that a more modern .NET based system that uses a true SQL backend is a much better bet. For companies that need to work remotely XML web services is the way to go since the business rules are exposed through the service. This allows developers to just send the data to the web service in a soap object and the business rules will take care of things like committing inventory quantities, updating order figures, inserting customer records, doing ledger postings etc.

    In .NET web services are done through web pages that have a .ASMX extension. The web page will then pass the data to the business logic layer which in turn passes the computed data to the database server. This ensures that all data is properly validated and that the database is never exposed to the internet. Unfortunately some companies are misleading people by telling them that web services are built into .NET and that all they need to do is expose the SQL port to the internet and connect via the IP address (which of course is not recommended since it leaves SQL open to virus attacks) so be cautious.


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    Hello Joerg,

    One way of making some space is by manually merging the unused customers, vendors, or inventory. However, this could be a repetitive and time-consuming process and will reach its limit as well.

    You can go for QuickBooks dedicated server as devoted to your company only in which you can add the number of users as much as you want. It is completely customizable (pay what you need), and pricing plans change according to your needs.

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    The original question is from SEVEN YEARS AGO.

    And the original poster hasn't been back since then.

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