I am posting this on behalf of our friend and longtime administrator/moderator, Pete Senarighi (CompguyPete). If you visit webedeveloper.com, or virtualdr.com, you most likely know him.

In June of 2006 Pete learned that his 11 year old daughter, Andriana (or Ana), has a brain tumor, and that because of its position and intertwining with the brain and brain stem, it is inoperable.

Therefore, the only treatment option open to them is chemo-therapy. Unfortunately, being self-employed, Pete does not have health insurance, and is currently faced with more than $25,000 in medical bills from the battery of tests performed, which he simply does not have the means to pay.

Andriana has begun chemo-therapy, and Pete has applied for various types of financial assistance, but these are by no means guaranteed, nor are they timely solutions, so we are asking those who visit our forums if they would like to assist.

Toward that end we have set up a paypal account and secured a domain name, oneana.com, where visitors can make donations via paypal, and help this family through this very difficult time. Thank you.

Sincerely, JPnyc