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Thread: lollipop lingerie LLC New Jersey

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    lollipop lingerie LLC New Jersey

    I wouldn't recommend purchasing anything online from lollipop lingerie LLC in New Jersey. They told me that they had shipped the items I purchased and they never did. They wouldn't give me a refund either. Bad Business

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    How did you pay? If you paid by credit card, just call your issuing bank and let them know of your situation.

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    I somehow don't expect them back to read replies. I get the feeling this is a drive-by revenge post. I can be wrong, of course.

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    I have been looking at the assortment of women's lingerie in various online stores for a long time. But I did not dare to buy anything, cause I thought that without trying on, I could not find a suitable set. All the time I bought bras and panties in the mass market. But, I liked the women's lingerie on MarieMur so much that I decided to buy leather lingerie. I recently received my order. Oddly enough, everything fit both in size and in style. I am very pleased.

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