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Thread: Icloud storage

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    Icloud storage

    My cloud storage is full again. Is there some other methods to get more icloud storage or do i need to buy it necessary?

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    If you've used up the FREE Space that many places offer - purchasing additional space at the same place would make a lot of sense.

    Taking a long hard look at the files you're storing is worth considering.... I was overly proud of the expensive truck I purchased in 2010... Now, not so much. I deleted a few old folders and gained a lot of space.

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    You can check out the "Recommended for You" section. Additionally, you have the option to reduce the size of your iCloud Backup, delete photos in iCloud Photos, delete folders or files in iCloud Drive, delete texts and attachments in Messages, delete messages, and manage Mail.

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    Thanks everyone for all your answers! I discovered another great method to extend icloud storage via family sharing.
    If someone else is interested is this method, here you can read more about it
    Buying the space on icloud is always a good idea, but definitely not the only one option.
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