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Thread: Advice about international shipping needed

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    Advice about international shipping needed

    Hello everyone!

    I would appreciate it if you'd share your experience with international shipping. Some general pointers and especially challenges that one might encounter.
    Thank you in advance!

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    I can tell you about two areas that required lots of research in my case - language and taxes, but it might also help to read about this topic here. If you don't have separate websites for each country (and I would say you don't have to), make sure you hire a translator fluent in both languages and one that is also familiar with the culture of the target country. You need to address your target audience in a way that sounds natural and pay close attention to cultural differences as some ways of putting things might even be considered offensive in other cultures. So I suggest you stay away from Google Translate and do this properly because it makes a huge difference. Taxes are self-explanatory I believe, of course you'll have to check the laws and regulations. I think it's best to find a lawyer to consult with. For example, unlike in the US, sales to the UK have to include the VAT tax in the price. I hope this helps and good luck with expanding internationally!

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    Thank you for the reply, I better start reading! I don't want to act hasty here, I have a lot of preparation to do, but I want to at least start getting an idea of what I might face along the way.

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    Worth taking a look at the customs and tax regulations of specific countries you plan to ship to. Plus, ensure your insurance doesn't miss anything to protect you and the consumer.

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    First off, kudos for wanting to gather advice and tips. It's super important to plan ahead and be prepared for the journey. Some general pointers: accurate labeling, clear customs declarations, and using reliable carriers can make a huge difference.

    As for challenges, customs regulations and varying delivery times can sometimes throw a curveball. But don't worry, you'll get the hang of it!

    Oh, and speaking of international shipping, have you checked out this link? It could be a great resource for exploring different carrier shipping options

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