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Thread: Senior SEO Needs Help!

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    Arrow Senior SEO Needs Help!

    Hello There!

    AM working as SEO Specialist for 5 years, I have worked in many regions but never worked for websites targeting USA.

    The problem here the website looks old UI, and has no appearance in Search Engin

    they are working in the Software field.

    add to the problem list

    they don't wanna pay for backlinks

    no live location in USA, In 3 countries but no live site there.

    The Question here is for Specialists.
    How I can get free backlinks from USA?, if you have good resources i will be appreciation
    what should I do with the directory submission?

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    Hi Hady John. As far as I know, paid-for backlinks go against Google's policies, plus it's become such a blurred area with some sites charging exorbitant rates. Perhaps it's to expand on their social media platforms and join ones they aren't already part of. Have you tried online business directories?

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    I recommend creating a thorough list of directories and loading all your info onto them first. Then grow to expand on other off-page/site options.

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