Hi. I took the advice of many on this site, and changed the name and domain address to a name that isn't so common. So, I changed my website from slant.biz to soslanty.com. It has officially switched over. I asked Verio (who I bought both domain names from) to do a redirect so that anyone clicking on links for slant.biz will be redirected to soslanty.com. Unfortunately, that only works if someone clicks on a link to the home page.

the issue is that I have approximately 1200 item pages (ecommerce site) that are dead links when they show up in google search results. Both sites are hosted by Weebly and I haven't had a great time with them helping me get this fixed. Is there a way to fix this issue? My sales have come to a dead stop. Is there a way to have all pages on the site redirect? This problem, as mentioned, is with google search results that show my old site's links for individual products that I sell.

Weebly did mention that I can do a 301 redirect on the main pages (such as contact, shop, and a few other categories) but would that actually work for forwarding all the individual item pages, say, under the Shop category? Weebly also said that it is best just to wait for google to update the new site but would that get rid of all those old site links that show up in searches?

I am currently updating permalinks on my site which I know will also cause issues. what a mess but I do think the less common name is already showing good results in that, if someone types in the name SoSlanty - my site shows up. With the old name, Slant, my site NEVER showed up.