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Thread: advice on the site

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    Post advice on the site

    I need advice on the site, please tell me if it is good, visually normal, or maybe something should be changed?

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    Hey mate!

    I gave a look on your website, and I must say that I like the simplicity or, better to say the clarity of your design, as well as the choice of colours u used. Also, the overall structure of the site is perfect. It gives me the sentiment of professionalism, I guess that’s the feeling you want to achieve for someone in your industry. Though, there are a couple of things that you can make better if they make sense to you:
    • from what I’ve seen on other sites, the testimonials from customers include a picture of the customers(if they include at all). In your testimonial section, there’s an image of you, which misled me to think that you are the customer. I guess your image should be in your About Us section. I hope that this makes sense.
    • also it’s very important to optimize your site a bit more for mobile devices, and here’s why. I’ve tested your URL on, and the result I got for the mobile version of your site is 59/100. You can probably push that a bit by further optimizing your landing page. Your desktop version is great with a 95/100 score.

    Overall, your website is very well structured and designed with style. It’s a great website, even if you change nothing. I hope that I contributed with my bits of advice. Cheers!

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    its good web mate, what do u think about my web,....

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