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Thread: how to reduce website loading time?

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    how to reduce website loading time?

    how to reduce website loading time?

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    I think a lot of that is going to depend on your website and how it's built. if you are loading a bunch of assets, that might be the problem. Or maybe your server is underpowered.

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    Among the main causes of slow loading of the site:
    - Large photos. On the Internet, photos up to 900px are sufficient
    - Weak server (hosting) - usually in such tariffs up to 512 MB memory_limit, but this is not the most important speed parameter, just about the clock frequency is usually not written in the hosting description.
    - Website builders - most of them themselves are heavy. Although, this may depend on the tariff.
    - A lot of items on the page (all sorts of modules and plugins)
    - A lot of items on the site (the more items in the database, the longer it takes to sort them)
    - Bad Internet can also cause slow site load

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    - Don't forget to optimize your website for all screens (smartphones and tablets), this is really important
    - Use CDN to speed up the delivery of your website's content
    - Minimize the number of HTTP requests
    - Reduce the size of your images and other multimedia files
    - Enable compression on your web server

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