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Thread: Top 10 Cold Calling Tips for SaaS Companies

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    Post Top 10 Cold Calling Tips for SaaS Companies

    B2B Cold Calling Tips for SaaS Companies:

    10 powerful cold pitching tips for SaaS organizations in India that will assist you with producing more leads and meet your deals target.

    1) Do in-depth research
    2) Define your list
    3) Use a local number and ensure it’s working well
    4)Use script
    5) Be open and honest
    6) Don’t get distracted while making calls
    7) Manage rejection well
    8) Leverage technology
    9) Reach out to your prospect on the best time
    10) End on a good note

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    thanks that's a good list that I can use when I start up my small business in the future. Guess it doesn't have to be SaaS but can use it for any business.

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    1. Establish a connection before the call
    2. Get creative to overcome objections
    3. Set a goal — for rejections

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    I honestly don't get who thinks that cold calling can be still effective these days?
    1) Many people do not answer the calls from unknown number
    2) Those who do pick up, usually finish the call as soon as they realize it is a cold call.
    In my opinion it is much more effective to to send microsoft teams sms to the potential customers and hope that they will be interested in the services/products you provide.

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    I agree with @SingingAmy on this. Is cold calling still worthwhile? I know that I don't answer unknown numbers, and with True Caller on my phone, I do not answer calls from agencies I'm not affiliated with.

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