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Thread: Best platform to generate leads

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    Best platform to generate leads

    Which is the best social media platform to generate quality leads for business?

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    Hard to tell It, But I would like to say Facebook and LinkedIn are potential.

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    Platforms used for lead enrichment purposes are the following:
    1. Youtube Ads Lead Generation
    2. Google Ads
    3. Facebook Ads
    4. Linkedin Ads
    5. Instagram Ads

    All platforms listed reached millions and even billions of users. Thus placing your brandís ad on one of them would be the best bet for your business. Eventually, plenty of leads will be generated for your commodity with the right kind of ads at the right place.

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    The best platform to generate leads on social media will vary depending on your business and target audience. Simply put, the best one is the one where your target audience is present in large numbers.

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