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Thread: Any looking to scrape an e-commerce website or their competitor?

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    Any looking to scrape an e-commerce website or their competitor?

    Hello, I am looking to assist and help with anything youre working with. Any tedious and repetitive tasks you need automated I can do it for you. Other various things like webscraping, bots/scripts, copy pasting, data entry, formatting and cleaning, web research, excel, powerpoints, google docs, taking screenshots, using python and selenium to achieve all these can absolutely be done in a timely and efficient manner. Don't hesitate to ask me if you have any custom request, we'll discuss and find a way to accomplish them.

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    I was going to create a site by myself, though maybe addressing a professional would be a better and easier way out. I'll keep your info in mind, thanks.

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    Did you hear about Mercari? It is a great example of very successful ecommerce project.
    The reviews and contacts of their customer service can be found here
    Maybe you have a closer look on their website and find something interesting , which you can use in the future.

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