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Iím part of a small team of graduate students who all have personal backgrounds with small businesses. We are currently researching how small business owners in the U.S. make decisions about how and where to invest their time and money when trying to grow their business. We are particularly interested in how small businesses make decisions about how to adapt to the evolving technology landscape.

Examples of the types of questions we are interested in include:
  • Where do you go for guidance and advice?
  • How do you evaluate and compare tools and vendors?
  • When considering whether to spend more money to grow your business, how do you evaluate the likelihood of getting paid back on that investment?
  • How does your business stay on top of change and familiarize itself with new technology tools (i.e. new marketing channels, software programs, online marketplaces, etc.)?

Please join your peers by having a short conversation with us to help us identify the most common pain points felt by small business owners! Register your interest via this brief Google Form:


Thank you!