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Thread: How to build a content community?

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    Lightbulb How to build a content community?

    Communities link like-minded people together and communicate in circles because of their positioning attributes, so for content community operators, how should they build a content community to maximize its value? Bclinked talks about some insights of building a content community from the four points of value, content, culture and user relationship, and hopes to inspire you.

    Before building a community, you should find the idea that runs through the whole picture, create a worldview, give it a persona, and call it the soul of the community. In subsequent iterations, polish and enrich it around the soul, even if it is difficult, do not lose it. It is often this soul characteristic that attracts core users at the beginning of a community, and the core users are the foundation of a community's future existence. Before creating a soul we need to think about these four points: value, content, culture, and the relationship of users.

    01. Finding community value
    What is the value of the community to the product? What is the value to the user? For products, communities can be divided into two types: pure communities, affiliated communities. discord, Keep communities, such can be categorized as affiliated communities, such communities are to help the core business drive traffic and assist users to achieve the initial purpose. As the affiliated communities grow, they will become another major consumption chain of the product, complementing the core business.

    Before growing up, it is easy to backfire if you try to be anti-customer. quora and raddit are very pure communities, and the community value is the product value. In the process of iteration community value will gradually change, and the direction of change may come from the free development of users, the operator's business insight, the guidance of user malice, etc.

    In any case, we need to find out in advance, make use of research, guide the community back to the core values, discover other values and summarize them into the community value system. The purpose of the download for the user is the value he wants to see. Around this track, make value-added services on the basis of expectations, and the value of the community to the user will be significantly increased. As usage time changes, the value of the community to some users may decrease and thus be lost, and we need to explore other ways to play to bring the value back.

    02. Establishing a cultural atmosphere
    What attracts users is the function, what ensures retention must be the community's cultural atmosphere. Functionality can be easily imitated, but the atmosphere needs to be maintained over time. Users always rely on spiritual satisfaction (cultural atmosphere) and physical satisfaction (dopamine) given by the community, and the cultural atmosphere is also an important condition for natural addition.

    How to create a community atmosphere?

    Give the community persona. For example, Facebook high-end workplace women, personality traits high cold, independent, optimistic, etc., interests beauty, amenity, sharing, etc..

    Create a spiritual carrier. General products are driven by kol, and the vertical community head effect is particularly obvious.

    High-quality content guides the development of the community. If you have content, algorithm + strong operation intervene to reveal content; if you don't have content, support head users to improve creativity and carry high quality content from other communities.

    Camp (fake) community atmosphere. The community did not have popularity and quality content in the early days, and many products needed to increase community vitality by faking content and vesting numbers.

    Once the community culture has matured and the user's sense of empathy and belonging has increased, he will change his performance with the culture, try to emulate the content and maintain the atmosphere, and will also try his best to promote the community.

    03.Create content

    Zuckerberg: "The essence of social networking is that it satisfies the human quest and desire for recognition."

    For communities, content is a tool for users to express themselves, and in the case of socially oriented communities, content is a tool to increase social currency.
    The carrier of content (video, graphic, audio) is decided according to the positioning of the community, and the presentation of content determines the efficiency of users' access to information.

    The community concentrates the group and allows people with the same hobbies to interact, which is the source of social and also content production. Users express themselves in the form of graphics, video, voice, etc. to convey information in order to obtain a community identity. Comparing the community to a marketplace, if you want traffic, you will package to show your advantages and establish a service system to satisfy your customers so that they can consume.

    If a community wants users to create content, it needs to satisfy them or give them the expectation of being rewarded. Each community gives users different sources of satisfaction, for example, momo from hormonal satisfaction, Quora from knowledge satisfaction, grasp their own value to meet the user as efficiently as possible.

    04. Around the user
    Each community has different cultural values, find highly matched user groups, and analyze consumption scenarios and habits. Targeted links are designed around users to keep the community active by allowing them to meet their demands at low cost and stimulating their desire to interact. The consumption scene is divided into outside and inside the product.

    For example, Tiktok, as a short video community for quick consumption of trivial time, ensures the efficiency and interaction rate of short video consumption, no matter the interaction design or the way the content is processed, and makes users rely on this low consumption cost and high efficiency model. It has cultivated the user's "lazy consumption" and "imitation publishing" mentality, and influenced the consumption mode of the whole short video industry.
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