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Thread: Six business delemmas | After-sales service can help you.

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    Lightbulb Six business delemmas | After-sales service can help you.

    Six business delemmas
    After-sales service can help you.

    As long as you are in business, you should pay attention to the after-sales service issue.

    We can't guarantee that our products will meet everyone's needs. Even if your products are perfect, unexpected situations like the shipping process or misoperation will generate demand for after-sales service.
    Product after-sales service can directly make the old users buy again, and even for you to do publicity (we all know how expensive it is to tap new users).
    Please pay high-attention! Here are suggestions to make your customers become your loyal fans.

    1.Products do not meet the needs of users
    You need to hear the voice of the user. Users have a direct channel to make their voices heard directly. (This channel needs to be under your control to prevent malicious comments.)

    2. Low repurchase rates force you to invest more in expensive advertising.
    I believe you have a competitive product! Beyond that, you need a place for users to remember your brand. Or have customers gather in one place.

    Make customers think of you at some point, just like you miss them when you tally your financial statements.

    Or, like a brick-and-mortar store, where users will meet your regular customers and say "Hello? What's the sign for this bakery?" A customer's record can be saved and interacted with, and word of mouth is the most impressive consumer experience!

    3. Reduce the risk! New products need better market validation.
    Want to launch a new business or a new product?

    Even if you have a strong R&D capabity, or a plentifu supply chain (Like China, they always make all kinds of new things with jaw-dropping speed.) You must to do the right thing.

    Find a place go to gather feedback from your customers on new things, which doesn't mean you have to be at their mercy. User feedback can be valuable!

    4. Unfortunately, no one cares about your brand.
    Spread the voice of your brand in your domain. Nurture your regular customers from clicks to fans.

    5. Unsustainable | Over-reliance on advertising can cost you money when keyword competition is fierce.
    Your followers will keep up with you, and you need win the search engine ranking competition. Nurturing your users within your brand community is another way to do this. It's long-term work and will pay off.

    6. Don't let your customer service consume a large number of employees.
    Get your fans involved! There's nothing better than getting new customers to interact with your familiar customers as they happen. Remember to check customer feedback regularly to select new content to add to the FAQ.

    Power of Action

    I believe in the power of action of every entrepreneur. You will all start acting immediately because of new business opportunities.

    Recommendations for five different paths of action.

    1. Khoros & insided Customized enterprise software service provider
    These software service providers offer branded community service support, and they will have professional managers to communicate with you and deploy the necessary features for you.

    From community building to any support and SNS media links you need, and even competitor data monitoring they can provide, you can talk to them with confidence to get a quote accordingly.

    2. Use of plug-ins for site building platforms
    Whether you're using Wordpress , shopify , webflow or whatever, they usually have a very rich set of plugins inside, and most of these plugins focus on just one function.

    Because the code is different for each platform, developers often need to rewrite the code for the platform's rules. That's why these plugins are often paid for. Because the business of these plug-in companies is often independent, it is difficult to form a system between plug-ins.

    If you want to use them, they have to be priced not particularly high, but explicitly. Be careful to see if the plugin affects your site speed, which is very important for your SEO. Go observe the user reviews and you can find the right plugin for you.

    3. Using an independent service provider.
    these sites will offer some standardized products that support proper customization. But because there is no need to develop features and deploy them separately for you, they are an order of magnitude less expensive compared to khoros!

    Commonly used service providers.

    WIX: great platform for creating professional websites (build your website from scratch)

    Hootsuite: comprehensive management platform for social networks (to develop new users)

    BClinked: Focused on providing customer support and connecting brands and customers. (Quickly embed systematic community, knowledge base, pre-sales information base, and support ticket system in existing websites and support branding)

    Sprout Social: Our all-in-one social media management platform unlocks the full potential of social to transform not just your marketing strategy -but every area of your organization.

    4. Build your own community web page and user service system.
    If you have a great team of programmers, chances are you'll want to do all this work yourself.

    I will stop you!

    Such behavior will take a lot of your time and energy and release you from work. Be aware that such an expense is in line with the expensive of using enterprise-level customization.

    5. Use SNS communities to store your users.
    If your business is focused on a city-wide niche, then using a white-label product is not your primary need. The best and easiest way is to use software such as Facebook. In the meantime, your customers will be drawn to other information, and that's the risk.

    Because there is no way for a platform like FB to help optimize your website for SEO, if you have your website or blog, you need to know that this is a stream to uncover and filter customers, not results.

    I will elaborate more on this in a subsequent post, and feel free to share different opinions with Paul.

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