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Thread: What are the factors affects the ranking of a website?

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    What are the factors affects the ranking of a website?

    What are the factors affects the ranking of a website?

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    The main factor is the content and whether it is useful for visitors.

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    High-quality content
    Page Experience
    Page speed
    On-page optimization
    Internal links
    External links

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    Content and if Google views it as relevant and reputable. SEO should always be a top priority.

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    Returning to my previous post, I think shifting from UA (universal analytics) to GA4 Analytics is worth considering for those who have a website. This is all coming into play on 1 July 2023. Many businesses are making the migration to it now.

    Here are some helpful pieces for those wondering how to make a move or understand GA4, SEO, and gauge insight into online presence and customer journeys.
    - GA4 and SEO
    - Universal Analytics is going away: here’s what to do next
    - What is GA4
    - Is Using Google Analytics A Search Ranking Factor?

    Hopefully the above helps those interested in SEO and understanding their customers.

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    The Ranking factors of a website can relate to a website's content, technical implementation, user signals, backlink profile or any other features the search engine considers relevant. When it comes to SEO ranking factors, authority matters. Understanding ranking factors is effective for search engine optimization.

    The six factors that affect your website’s search rankings are
    1. Quality Content
    2. Link Building
    3. Site Speed And Performance
    4. Meta Information
    5. Duplicate Pages
    6. Local SEO Citations

    Regardless of the search position use tools to get your SEO. Search engine optimization is the only proven method for raising your search rankings.

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    Please let me know if there is any important factor to rank higher on Google

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