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Thread: Investment Ideas

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    Investment Ideas

    Hi Everyone,
    Real Estate investments are more secured & safe comparing with others investment options.
    Please let us know If any other investment options are available that have such safe & steady long-term returns against investment as real estate has.

    Welcome, all investment ideas.

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    I also think that stocks and mutual funds are good ways to invest money.

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    Your own business (no matter what is that) is always a good idea. Investment can be very risky and not very profitable so i would honestly prefer to keep the money in my own pocket and do something useful for others too. With the slack email integration the promotion (marketing) of any business reached a new quality level and it is going to improve even more in the future. That is the only advice to the future business owners - use technology achievements for your own good.

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    If you have your own business, should you still consider side hustles in case your own business doesn't lift off? I'm asking because im' thinking of starting one up. thanks

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    Covid taught many people the value in side hustles. There are so many you could pursue.

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    Hi , you can invest in GOLD, Property and SIP's

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