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Thread: Which is the best social media strategy?

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    Which is the best social media strategy?

    Which is the best social media strategy?

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    Hi! There are a lot of alternatives, it depends on what you are looking for. What is your main goal: gain followers, sell a product or service, retain your actual customer/followers for a long time, ...

    I like to differentiate the content into these 3 categories:
    - Viral: it is the most difficult to create, it looks for the massive reach of your content without the need to make a very high investment.
    - Value: provides solutions and knowledge to the reader. Although it is difficult to go viral, we use it to retain our current audience.
    - Sales is content that only talks about your products and services offered by your company.

    You can find an example of this "technique" in this post:

    Hope it helps you!

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    social media sites can help you in different ways.

    Like facebook & instagram - if you want to promote your products and services then facebook & instagram is the best bet, as both are indeed the most used social media site and have quite a large number of users.

    Twitter - Twitter could you be used to promote awareness about your business.

    Tik Tok - If you are looking for influencer marketing tik tok is the best.

    Reddit - For knowing genral queries & issues of your targeted audience, reddit is the best.

    so this is how you should plan your social media strategy.

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    Social media a more inovative field it needs a local touch, so its better to focus on social media, and outsource SEO work to other agencies.

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    Got It, This is very informative info for me. Thanks.

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    Focus on branding and create awareness.
    Educate your audience.
    Choose stories > promotion.
    Produce diversified content types.
    Try micro-influencer marketing.
    Capitalize on customer loyalty.

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    The Best Social Media Strategies for Promotion

    1. Analyze your target market
    2. Set key performance indicators to be achieved
    3. Analyze your social pages
    4. Analyze your competitors
    5. Set SMART goals
    6. Set a realistic budget
    7. Optimize profiles
    8. Create an editorial calendar
    9. Curate content
    10. Grow Your Page With Ads
    11. Check your accounts before creating and promoting content
    12. Optimize your strategy

    Each social network has its own characteristics and should be used with a clear mission.

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