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    Product engineering

    What is the role of product engineering? Can anyone explain me?

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    "Product engineering refers to the process of designing and developing a device, assembly, or system such that it be produced as an item for sale through some product manufacturing process. Product engineering usually entails activity dealing with issues of cost, producibility, quality, performance, reliability, serviceability, intended lifespan and user features."

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    Selection of software configuration is greatly influenced by the hardware design and component selection. We will discuss more on this in the software system section, but will cover a few aspects which are relevant for manufacturing and testing. Software goes hand in hand with electrical systems. One needs to ensure that the device is easily configurable for different SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) and have tracking methods able to track from PCBA testing to final product shipping. Provision for a serial number, identification of SKU and an interface for production logging and tracking are a must. Sometimes it is worth having two different software versions where one facilitates in production and another for shipping configuration. Automation of capturing the information and configuring the device is key to avoid manual errors. The major pitfall that happens is that the test suite for the system will be drawn from a designer’s perspective rather than from the user perspective. If the unit has to undergo different work stations for testing and quality check, ensuring all tests have passed should be trackable. This is very much needed to ensure that the complex product passes the final quality test and there is a way to verify at each stage. Sometimes this is missed as most of the time it would have been done manually during POC and automation becomes a cumbersome process.

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    Product engineering is a process of developing a product using a combination of hardware, embedded, software and mechanical components. The responsibilities of product engineer includes coordinating with the product development team to finalize product ideas, using computer-aided design software to create products, testing product prototypes to adjust design flaws, and evaluating the product prototype to identify potential safety hazards.
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    The job of an item engineer is basic to the making of wares, gadgets, and frameworks. Without item designing, an item would simply stay as a thought or non-working, non-reproducible model. The job of the item engineer is to associate the turn of events and creation groups with specialized aptitude and cycles that are basic for rejuvenating the article. An item engineer guarantees the element will dependably work and can be created in a financially savvy way. The item engineer works intimately with the planner or configuration group to ensure the usefulness and feel line up with the client's objectives. The item engineer likewise works intimately with the creation group to ensure the thing can be made in a smoothed out process that is essentially as financially savvy as could really be expected. An item specialist may likewise have to improve creation or gathering strategies and materials to meet the client's objectives for usefulness, creation, and convenience.

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