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Thread: Rate our company site

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    Rate our company site

    Hi everyone! I work at the Whooshcall company and this is our website:
    We're starting to develop it more and what do you think visually about our website if you could take a brief look? I wanted to ask for the opinion from someone outside the company.
    Thank you.

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    Love the layout and the blog section! On that note, well done honing in on the niche relevant keywords with the article's titles!

    My suggestions are for the pricing page. For example, I can see the pricing for the recommended Basic plan, but not for the other too routes. Do I have to make an account for this? Also, the avatars for the three plans look kinda outdated, especially for the starting plan, it looks like flies buzzing around him. It takes me a bit out of the deal, personally...

    However, kudos for allowing the option for people to negotiate the price for an Enterprise plan!

    All in all - a very good job!

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    Thumbs up! Beautiful layout, the FAQ section covers pretty much everything, and the blog posts are well-written and relevant (not to mention interesting to read). Negotiating the price option is great, and I believe your Sales department will receive plenty of calls. Keep it up and good luck with your business!

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