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Thread: What advice can people provide to improve this?

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    Question What advice can people provide to improve this?

    I work for a company that sells custom AI Chatbots for businesses to handle customer enquiries and collect customer information 24/7 and we have made a that allows people to register for a free demo of our product. it has been getting many clicks but it is not being finished. any advice on how to improve it.

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    Well it would seem that if your advertising is getting a good initial clickthrough rate then people like what they are being promised.

    So what usually happens, in this case, is one of 3 things,
    What you are asking them to provide is too much for the trail ( even information wise)
    The form may not be user friendly
    The form may deviate from the initial offer eg you say free (but there is be a charge)

    It generally speaks to the trail not seeming as at was in the initial offer that got them to click.

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