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Thread: Would you let an AI Chatbot handle your customer enquiries?

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    Post Would you let an AI Chatbot handle your customer enquiries?

    I work for a company that sells custom AI Chatbots for businesses to handle customer enquiries and collect customer information 24/7. Would you let an AI Chatbot handle your customer enquiries? and if not why?

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    Yes, I'd let chatbot ai handle the customer's enquiry.

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    I think prefering chatbots is an effective way to increase the customer satisfaction.

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    From my own experience, I know how beneficial AI-enhanced tools are. We use AI throughout a supply chain to increase efficiency and discover better, safer ways to move goods from one point to another. Actually, it helps to deliver powerful optimization capabilities.
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    AI chatbots can be a good solution for handling certain types of customer enquiries, particularly those that are simple, repetitive, or time-sensitive. Some advantages of using AI chatbots for customer service include:

    Quick and efficient response times: AI chatbots can provide instant answers to frequently asked questions, helping to resolve customer enquiries quickly.

    24/7 availability: AI chatbots can operate around the clock, providing customers with support outside of normal business hours.

    Scalability: AI chatbots can handle large volumes of customer enquiries, making them a cost-effective solution for businesses that receive a high volume of customer interactions.

    Personalization: Advanced AI chatbots can use natural language processing and machine learning to personalize their interactions with customers, making the experience more human-like and engaging.

    However, AI chatbots are not always the best solution for handling customer enquiries. They may struggle with complex or unique enquiries that require human judgment or decision-making, and can sometimes provide incorrect or misleading information.

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    Probably I would, especially considering how much AI has developed recently. Not saying it's perfect, but it is a decent option for some businesses at least.

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    There have been some significant developments since this post regarding AI. I'm keen to see what people think.

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    An AI chatbot to handle basic queries is fine, especially for businesses with operators on the field and nobody in the office and support reception desks that are often very busy with phone calls.

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