We have a free and open source source software for a specific hobby. We want to get donations, but the number of options and the complexity of use being used globally means we have to coordinate a way to use multiple platforms. Some people might just want to donate once or once a year. Amounts would be $2 and up. I don't want the "how to donate" page to be a mess. We would have a button or other indicator on GitHub, our Web page, and Discord. I assume people would donate more easily when there is a link to something they already signed up for, hence wanting to cover my bases with more than one options.

I think we need a personal PayPal and Venmo account for US donors since that has no fees. But what happens when someone in Europe wants to donate? I still can't figure out the Paypal fees, but it seems like they charge exorbitant fees. It wouldn't pay to use either a Paypal or Venmo account for anything less than a $10 donation. I'm not sure if either of those allow monthly billing, but Patreon does. Their fees also seem way too high. And then you have to explain to someone to use their bank account linked to their service and not a credit card or you have another 2.9% taken off the top. Open Collective seems to be the better alternative to Patreon, but many people know about Patreon. Can anyone offer some guidance on how to do this the best way?