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Thread: How to attract clients to a new site?

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    How to attract clients to a new site?

    I work for a translation company and we have a website. Can someone give a piece of advice on how to attract new clients to this website?
    P.S. A few months ago we created a new design and created some commercial pages.

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    I'm sorry, but how people can look at my site and rate its usability if there is no link to my site?
    Here is the link again:

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    You didn't ask people to "rate its usability."

    You asked -> "how to attract new clients to this website?"

    Wouldn't the answer for you be the same answer for ANY Website?

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    There are a number of ways to attract new clients to your website, and the most important thing is to be creative and innovative. You can use various forms of marketing such as social media, online ads, and content marketing. Additionally, you can offer free services or products in order to increase your chances of success.

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