First off I appreciate any bit of help given here. I have been banging my head against the wall for awhile trying to figure this out.

My business receives orders by email. They are either PDF forms or order information in the body of the email.

Our process is to manually take that information off and populate various forms with the information, put the order number in Excel, and when the order report is finished, email it back to the customer.

I finally figure out the email parsing services that will get me the order information into a usable file for processing.

My question is now what? I need to take that ordering information and add it to a Word report sheet, an invoice, and add it to an order database. I don't have a lot of customers just 6 core ones that makes up the bulk of my business so I don't need a full blown CRM or ERP or PSA solution but that may be the only way to go.

I also have looked at a custom database that takes that information and does what I need it to do.

I don't mind paid solutions but it also can't be like netsuite priced.

Again, Thanks so much for the help.