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Thread: Effective off page technique?

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    Effective off page technique?

    Effective off page technique?

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    I trust you mean off-page as in trying to rank a website on Google.
    Im going to skip over the stuff you've probably read a thousand times - building backlinks ( still important but not as much as it used to be. )
    - Get social media traffic to your website - I've seen sites rank on google purely because they get a lot of visitors from social media sites without even any backlink building.
    - GMB page - one of the easiest things to get, an easy way to get a little extra traffic, and also pages with GMB listing seem to rank higher
    - Direct brand searched - how you do this is up to you but say you have a billboard with your website on it and a lot of people start searching your brand name, which also increases website rankings.

    Like I said links are still important but it needs the other components too, I think Google is at a stage where it can see hey wow you have a lot of backlinks, but no social media, no direct brand name searched, no place of business ---- how didi you get these links? Its unnatural. They look at the combination of these things.

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    Article and content submission play a big role in Off page SEO technique.

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    Are yo for real or did I miss the date of this post by 15 years

    Do not submit articles randomly, there is a strong case to be made for super selective and relevant guest posting but old school article submission will be a complete waste of time at best and get you penalised at worst.

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