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Thread: SaaS tool to optimize e-commerce product pages

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    SaaS tool to optimize e-commerce product pages

    Hi there!

    This is my site:

    I’m trying to build a saas tool to automate the process of optimizing an e-commerce product page.

    For instance, I have already identified a few “must have” points to check in that kind of page:

    - basic SEO: page title, sitemap present, robots.txt, images wo/ alternate text, …
    - structured data ( is it present? is it being used correctly?
    - reviews and ratings
    - image size and optimization

    Still, I would love to hear the opinion of seasoned e-commerce owners:
    What do you think is important/mandatory in your product pages from a marketing point of view ?
    And also, would you use a tool to automate that kind of optimization process?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Storeotip,

    This is nice. We are eCommerce website Builder and we have many eCommerce websites. Your free tool to scan product page would be nice. We have built and optimized our product page to make it more user and search friendly.

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    Thanks @morecustomers !
    Got your blog link by e-mail and will check it out.

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