Seeking for Team Leads/CTOs from small (less than 10 engineers) teams that develop web services and want to achieve 99.99% uptime, i.e., want to eliminate downtime incidents.

We develop a SaaS that creates and manages high available infrastructure for your application. Usually, a team of devops needs days (or even weeks) to do that; with our service you can get such an infrastructure within minutes and with zero devops engineers.

We'd like to understand can our solution settle your problems in your case. We already use our solution for our own needs, but every team is unique, so to make our solution useful, we have to test it in your cases.

We don't sell, wed like to talk. 15-20 minutes call via Google Meet or Zoom. As a thankful gift we'll provide you with a free year of usage of our solution.

If you interested, PM me here, or use email rkosolapov@plesk.com. Thanks in advance!