Hello Iím CharlyRabbit and this is my journey as an Indie Maker.

Indie Maker: Person building a software idea that can generate revenue

The Project
Viral Quotes (viral-quotes.com) will allows small business owners to viralize their brands without paying ads

What is a Viral Quote?


This type of content is highly shareable on social networks because it makes people feel intelligent and profound, who doesnít want to look smart?. You can use that human need to promote your brand (Logo and URL)

A crazy pricing model?
I love experimenting with new ideas, to monetize this project two plans will be available
Note: $XX means a fixed price, but I havenít decided the amount yet.


White: Pay what you want (min $1), show Logo or URL, 30 quotes.
Purple: Pay $XX, show Logo and URL, 600 quotes.

The process will be fully automated, you will receive your Viral Quotes in minutes

The Journey
One time per week I will post my progress here. The initial posts will be related to the development process but once the app is launched I will share my monthly income, expenses, the challenges I face during the journey and how I swing them, and announce possible new features for the future.

Let me share some initial numbers with you.
Domain: $20/year
Server power: $5/month
Hosting: $0 (Iím using the free tier of Firebase Hosting)
Development: Iím coding everything by myself, but I will sum the total hours Iíve spent on this project and multiply it by $20, which is the current hourly fee I earn on my day job.
UI Design: 10hrs x $20 = $200 (Yeah I also did the UI Design).

I hope this digital business journey likes you, questions are welcome and advice/feedback super welcome !

Charly The Rabbit