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Thread: What ways do you know to collect customer feedback?

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    What ways do you know to collect customer feedback?

    What ways do you know to collect customer feedback?

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    Customer feedback can be different and come from different channels. Feedback can come via chatbots, emails and contact forms, social media, user sessions, user interviews, surveys, and others. There is also specialized feedback software you can use like this Customer Feedback Software. It can be a valuable source to get useful insights on what your customers really want with minimum effort.

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    Tinakinna - have you ever heard of a Q&A Spammer?

    A Q&A spammer is a person that creates more than one account on a website like ours..... One of the profiles "Asks" a question and the other profile "Answers" the question with a URL to promote a site.

    Steve - Site Administrator

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    I recently found a new email service that I use for my business email. I liked that this service offers automatic or scheduled sending of emails to my clients in case they take any action on my site. Also, with the help of some settings on this portal , I was able to create and send a letter with a request for a short rating of the service of my online store and added a share button for social networks to this email. Yes, I had to offer a 10% discount for every review, but it was a good advertisement and it was cool to know that many of my clients are happy with my work.

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    The best ways to collect Customer Feedback

    1. Long Form-Based Surveys
    2. Short in-App Surveys
    3. Phone Calls
    4. Transactional Emails
    5. Net Promoter Score Surveys
    6. Suggestion Boards

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    You can have feedback through chatbox, emails and contact forms on your website.


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    I agree, chatbox, emails are the best ways.

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