As we develop custom sites at VersaAgency, both for ourselves and for customers, one of the driving forces is the demand for traffic generation that converts into paying leads. It's important for us to identify the strategies that succeed and fail, and we thought we would share them with you to help you implement them yourselves.

Remain relevant

Be consistent and active on your website. Make sure that your customers know what you're currently doing and what you're planning. Stay on their radar. When they're in the market for the good or service you provide, they will be much more likely to come to you.

There are several ways to do this, like maintaining an email list or maintaining a social media following. Consistently messaging your audience on these platforms builds and maintains your brand awareness and credibility, which are crucial for conversion later on.

Build your site for SEO

Search engines can create relevant and sizable traffic for you if you use them correctly. You can construct your website so that it is more likely to be relevant to the user on the search engine results page when they conduct their search. This strategic positioning involves actively seeking user queries and structuring your html and content in appropriate ways for your website to appear in the top 5 search results for those queries. Search engines consider multiple factors in ranking your website, one of which is the number of links from high authority websites that refer to your website. These inbound links increase your SEO rank and increase the probability that you will be one of the top listings on the search engine results page.

Create engaging content

Create content that is up to date and engages your customer. This could be content on social media. It could also be content on your storefront itself. Communicate to your customers that you understand their needs, desires, fear and pain amidst the change they are currently experiencing. You can also do this with old content by repackaging it to suit the current marketplace. Connect your content to your storefront appropriately to create a great end to end experience for your customer, and associate that experience with your brand. As you create this experience consistently, you will cultivate trust for your content and your brand.