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Thread: Internet marketing platform choice

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    Question Internet marketing platform choice

    I'm interested in Marketing automation, so I need advice in which platform is better? I've been checking out some companies like JTF, something about Readiness Assessment Programme.

    Any suggestions please?
    Thank you

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    Hubspot. Hubspot is the first inbound marketing software that provides all the tools you need to improve and manage your online marketing strategy. ...
    Exacttarget. Now part of Salesforce, Exacttarget integrates many tools to manage digital marketing strategies. ...
    Marketo. ...
    Marin Software. ...
    Vocus. ...
    Raventools. ...
    Webceo. ...

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    Hi there! Thank you a lot for the nice and helpful tips here! What about some interesting promo items like Die Struck Pins for example? Have you tried something like them? Maybe you can recommend me some interesting articles on such a type of marketing. Thank you in advance!
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    Bufferapp is best as I now. As you can use Facebook own schedule tool

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    5. Facebook's Power Editor.
    Twitter Native Platform.
    HubSpot Email Marketing.

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    Before choosing a marketing platform or applying any marketing strategy for your business, I advise you to learn more about it. There are actually many different marketing strategies, the most effective ones require investment, time and effort. You can always automate some business processes using special software, this article greatly describes programs for automatin marketing tools for business and lists common mistakes that beginners make in this. I hope this will be useful information for you and will help you run your business more efficiently and profitably.

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    For marketing automation, is it email marketing, marketing on social media or SEO marketing?
    There are alot of tools out there for different types of marketing but not one is good at all.

    Some are lacking in some features other than others. I have used alot of tools and I can give you suggestions based on your budget so message if you are still unsure about what you really want.

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    Hubspot is the best platform Internet marketing.

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    Yes, a lot depends on your budget and goals!

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    Some of the most popular platforms for brand development and marketing include:

    1. Facebook.
    2. Twitter.
    3. Instagram.
    4. LinkedIn.
    5. Pinterest.

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