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Thread: Opinion & Review My Site

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    Opinion & Review My Site

    Hi everyone,
    We are healthcare management technology company which provides IRP & VMS to the Healthcare organization & groups which help in increasing the productivity of the organization by reducing overall time & expense.
    Please have a look at here- and suggest your views what can we do to make our site better.

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    Hi there! So far, your website looks great! I can say that a professional designed the layout. If there is something that you can add, you can also put testimonials in order to prove your credibility.

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    The website is quite unique in that I don't see the normal website design trends yet it still manages to look relatively good. SO its quite original without straying too far away from design principles. like it, I know you said its a work in progress it just needs a little more refinement. Try to keep elements such as typography and images the same high width and size throughout the site, its lacking a bit on fluidity.

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    Hi I am Haider Ali and I created my own E-Commerce Store Please Check out our Website and Review it. That what changes are required for us to make our ecommerce store more Presentable.

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