I have a quick question. I have been looking at the videos on Seller University and I am not so sure this specific question is going to be addressed. I want to have two versions of the same product on a single page. I want to get rid of the inventory I had that did not yet have a bar code on it. So can I have an FBA version that is sold as such and also have some sort of "Original" or Demo version also sold on the same page that is not sold via FBA?
So I stumbled on this page on Quora. https://www.quora.com/Can-I-have-bot...-the-same-time
It asks, "Can I have both FBA and home sales at the same time?"
And the answer is: "Yes, many sellers are both FBA and FBM (fulfilled by Merchant) at the same time. Seller Central allows you to specify which products are sent to Amazon to be fulfilled, and which will be fulfilled directly."
But what I would like to know is if I can have two versions of the same product where one has a bar code and is FBA and the other does not which is FBM.