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Thread: ECommerce Platforms -- which should you choose

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    Post ECommerce Platforms -- which should you choose

    There are lots of people who are asking about which platform to use, and while that will to [a greater or lesser degree] be asking what flavor of bubble gum should I buy -- ultimately it comes down to feature set and ease of use. Some factor cost a little too heavily. From my perspective if you can get products up and being sold this week and can start making money right away instead of waiting 6 weeks that goes a long way towards making up for any fees.

    I have been supporting websites for almost 20 years now so have a different perspective, Magento and WooCommerce are incredible solutions for getting going for a free highly customizable solution, which sounds to good too be true at first glance, but I want to discuss what happens on the other side when you grow and the issues you face since no one readily addresses this. Firstly, WP and Woo have some serious caps, so if you plan to grow big time you will end up having to do some MAJOR tweaks such as hosting and what not to support that traffic. I have seen a site with as few as 10K visitors a month with lots of tweaks done in Woo get overwhelmed easily despite being on expensive hosting. All the extra plugins, Abandoned Cart, Shipping, Funnels etc to make it work slow the site down and response times suffer not to mention the headaches and frustrations of keeping it all going. Remember you want to run your business not a tech company. Same can be said for Magento really. Although again, there are Pros who do a good job supporting this platform who will disagree.

    Here is my perspective on Shopify and why it is growing so fast, in an almost backwards way, the insistence that things be done the same way from site to site has resulted in a standard for the first time with ECommerce and with that the ability for App makers such as the personalization company I am now a part of, shameless plug, that offers AI Based 1:1 personalization for every customer fully automated and working out of the box -- Shopify is without question our easiest integration with the fewest issues.

    We are working with some serious big time customers, millions of visitors/day and Shopify can handle them just fine.

    What this means is that as you grow Shopify grows with you, it is fine for the small starting out guy and the big guy alike. I have been looking at the full software deployment on ECommerce stacks for the last 2 years (actually into the thousands now) and as such have a really good sense of what is out there and how many ways you can do it, if you intend to really grow and be a monster site -- who knows yours could be the next one -- then i cannot recommend enough the use of Shopify and a platform like ours that get the right products in front of your customers, after all you well spend a lot of money getting them to your site, keeping them there and purchasing something is the next goal so why invest in that? I do not work for Shopify but wanted to give my own perspective on the whole thing.

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    I think Shopify is the most reliable and convenient option!

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    WooCommerce is better than others. this is the open source platform and easy to use.

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    Magento is best

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    There are a lot of ecommerce platform out there in the market .It is very diffuclt to choose which platform to chosse,But i personally recommend to use magento as the ecommerce platform.They offer a csay variety of features that ar useful for ecommerce website.

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    When starting your online business, one of the biggest decisions you'll make is choosing an eCommerce platform that will ensure scalable, long-term growth.

    Helping customers that are engaging with your brand reduce friction while they're getting the product they need.
    Ensuring your employees have what they need to implement campaign strategies.
    Protecting your bottom line in terms of sales growth, in addition to the cost of maintenance and installation.

    A Magento eCommerce platform is a software application that allows online businesses to manage their website, marketing, sales and operations.

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    Where can I learn more about Magento?

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    Before going with any tools first write down a list of requirement what you want to do with your website or what you want to include in your online store (e.g blog, e-commerce website, simple portfolio or personal website). What is your website or business goal will be, What feature you would like to add in your website then select a tool which one is best for you and start working on that.

    Some e-commerce website builder tools provide you drag & drop facility, attractive templates or there are ordinary tools which will give you a facility to manage your website through mobile.

    You can find good Article on comparison of different website builder from MoreCustomersApp Blog section: Read Article : The Top 5 e-commerce website builder tools/website/app

    Everyone wants a website for their business and It is not easy for everyone to develop a website by dealing with programming languages or databases In that case online store builder tools are a big advantage.

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    Well, this is not as straightforward. For example, woo opensource and has a ton of integrations with local banks inour country. Its being pushed heavily as the go-to and support on it comes from even banks. However in terms of things going wrong - woo is not rock solid.

    Now in our country, we have Shopify as well, it's good, but it's dollars and every little thing you want to add on is another monthly fee. Those sites can be extremely expensive. Especially for us not working in us dollars. You can say you can make it back in six months. For an SME that's not really true as its a continuous cost that scales.

    My main gripe and this one I cannot explain is that I never see Shopify sites at the top of Google. Most big retailers, that are top rankers have websites that are on woo or some other custom eccomerce solution.

    Low entry-level has allowed for some crazy bad woo commerce sites. As op said it can be done right and it CAN be scaled. Shopify has undoubtedly learned from this as they have a even lower entry-level but don't really suffer the same issue.

    Lastly important to note for the future but Google and Facebook are forming strong bonds with woo-commerce by helping them with providing integrations out the box, they are not doing this with Shopify yet.

    Which is the best? I don't know, it just takes one innovation that people love as op mentioned. Im sure Shopify is sitting there doing nothing. I think it is definitely between the two of them

    Magento has great potential but I feel that its lacking.
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    BigCommerce, Shopify and WooCommerce are the most common ecommerce platforms for small businesses.

    Depending on your experience and your specific brand needs, each platform has its advantages and disadvantages.

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    Hello everyone. My team has now completed apps for UK - integrations between Shopify and DHL, DPD Local UK and Royal Mail. I'm trying to gather more feedback so if you want to use the apps for free, in return for feedback, please contact me. Good day

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    Quote Originally Posted by kk-sellintegro View Post
    Hello everyone. My team has now completed apps for UK - integrations between Shopify and DHL, DPD Local UK and Royal Mail. I'm trying to gather more feedback so if you want to use the apps for free, in return for feedback, please contact me. Good day
    Hijacking someone else's thread isn't a good idea. You should ONLY share your company info via Private Message to avoid looking like a Spammer.

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