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Thread: For MAGENTO 2: Free shipping Bar:

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    For MAGENTO 2: Free shipping Bar:

    Customers can use the magento free shipping bar above to expand to see how much order quantity it takes to successfully reach this amount, and how much it costs to reach this quantity. The Internet if you are more likely to increase sales and conversion rates. Using our extension, you can also display every page, including homepage, product page, search results, shopping cart page, etc., so customers are often reminded of orders.

    How can you benefit from this extension?

    With this extension, packages can be delivered and sold free of charge. This may be a reliable way of generating income. Goods can be distributed without packaging. Research shows that 80% of online shoppers choose stores that offer free shipping. Among them, 30% accidentally folded their shopping bags to get free shipping for online payments. Add the address or shopping cart page to the shopping cart. In addition, online shoppers know exactly how much free shipping costs. As a result, your customer base will expand and your customer relationships will improve.

    Magento 2 free shipping will be provided during this extension:

    The store’s page should have a free shipping field at the top of the page.
    Stores and customers are displayed as bar graphs.
    You can choose the position of the bar in the computer menu.
    Find out the source of the target.
    The free shipping board can be customized.
    You can customize the message bar.
    Delivery within the free shipping bar is a priority, and the bar will set a period of time to maintain growth.

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    Thanks for this thread.

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