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Thread: Online Business Growth Ideas

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    Im sorry for bumping old thread. Just searching similar information, thanks guys!

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    I would focus on your target audience and take advantage of free marketing tools. I started using Slack for this purpose. It is a great alternative to emails or project tickets. Also, it allows remote team members to work together by sending slack sms. As for me, Slack is good both for social media and content marketing.
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    The product which you are selling should be of a good quality first, because if people will like them, they will recommend your products to others as well, and if not, they will just leave a negative review and never buy from you again. In the second case, all the advertising will be in vain if your product is not good, so this where you should start from. You also need a good website with an intuitive interface, so people can easily find what they need. If you need some help with this, full-cycle e-commerce development company can be just perfect to transform your website, or make it from 0.

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