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Thread: Terpenes

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    I know about CBD and take it for different purposes. But I've recently read that some people use terpenes. Have you tried it? Is it beetr than CBD oil?

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    Have you spent hours on GOOGLE and read articles like:

    The Difference Between Terpenes and CBD Oil

    Have you talked to your Physician about any of this?

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    Terpenes are chemicals that determine how things smell, e.g. they give an orange its citrusy smell, and pine trees their unique aroma. Speaking about cannabis, terpenes is one of its compounds that gives the effect working together with other components. People can buy terpenes everywhere without any issues as unlike cannabis, they are legal. I personally use Finest Lab terpenes for my chronic pain. They work great for me, so I recommend giving them a try.

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    It is really cool, thanks! I like CBD a lot, and I think it helps people well! I mostly take some supplements and meds from Canadian pharmacy though, but I take CBD oils and terpenes from time to time anyway, they are really cool too!

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    Terpenes are no better than CBD oil! In addition, I want to say that this product really helps to improve health, so I also started using this Blessed CBD UK in everyday life, buying it on this site

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