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Thread: Softwares for school health management

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    Softwares for school health management

    I am a management staff in one of the reputed schools based in New Jersey. Since the schools have reopened after the pandemic, we pay extra and exceptional attention to schools' health management. Though we have school nurses, we analyzed and concluded that they could not handle the health management records of 1500+ students in an efficient way.
    So, as a part of reducing the stress of health workers and increasing the health reports' productivity, we are thinking about introducing a school health management software. We received a lot of suggestions regarding the same and are confused.
    Any suggestions?

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    It's very interesting. No, I don't have a ready-made solution, but I'm also interested in similar software.

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    MIE Trak Pro is best software for management.

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    Interesting info. School health services include preventive services, education, emergency care, referral, and management of acute and chronic health conditions. They are designed to promote the health of students, identify and prevent health problems and injuries, and ensure care for students. I personally find such software to be very helpful. As we live in times of technology, it is better to take advantage of it. Today people have more possibilities to monitor not only health but also records. I look through the online pharmacy sites now and then to double-check the info about meds. It is very convenient.

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    Hello, I have been best experience with one of the custom software development company. They are provided different types of readymade software solution in a broad level. I hope this will work for you.

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