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Thread: Honest opinions about our website

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    Honest opinions about our website

    Hi All

    Hope you can spare some time to take a look at our brand new website. I have been a Software Engineer Developer since 1999. I specialise in web application development using Adobe ColdFusion, Lucee, Python and JavaScript technologies.

    I am still heavily involved in that line of work but have decided to branch out and explore my passion for developing creative websites using the WordPress platform. Ingenuous Web Design is based in the beautiful castle town of Caerphilly, just north of the Capital of Wales in the United Kingdom. We specialise in website design, maintenance, digital marketing and a consultancy service. We are family run website design business with an emphasis on keeping IT simple. We realise how hard it can be for "non-techies" to undertsand the concepts and jargon that us web designers/developers take for granted so we have a simple approach in eductaion people wjho want a website from us. Please do take a look and if you like what you see please feedback. Thanks for your time!

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    You've done a great job, the site looks good and runs stably on PC and smartphone.

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    Your website is superb and I wish you to get more business.

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    Congratulations, it's a great site!

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