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Thread: FREE Email Marketing Audit for Ecommerce Brand

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    FREE Email Marketing Audit for Ecommerce Brand

    FREE Email Marketing Audit for Ecommerce Brand

    Hello friends! My name is Jesse and I am starting up an email marketing agency and am looking to work FOR FREE for an ecommerce store in exchange for a testimonial.

    If you are a E-commerce brand who makes less than 30% of your revenue from e-mail, I can help you!

    I would love to set up a FREE campaign or flow for an e-commerce brand to make you more money from email + connect deeper with your customers.

    If you think this could benefit the both of us, comment on this post or PM me.

    Thanks a lot!


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    Ok, Thanks

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    ok. i will be in touch.

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    Email marketing is not as effective as it used to be couple of years ago. Many of the email end up in a spam box and clients just don't see them anymore. I prefer to work with the microsoft teams sms these days and be sure that information which is important for me reaches every single client or potential client. The system itself is very simple and easy to work with, so win-win here.
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    Join e-commerce communities on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Reddit. Look for groups that are relevant to your niche and interact with the members.

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