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Thread: Type II Diabetes

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    Type II Diabetes

    My father was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. I really worry about him. The disease is serious, and he is almost 60...So, it would be great if you guys shared your experience. How can I help him?

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    I'm sorry your father was diagnosed with such a serious disease. My brother also has t2d. He is on insulin. It is essential for diabetics to be on a diet, to control weight and sugar level. They should avoid eating some food products (you can find the list online or from a doctor). Also, it is good to do sports. If your father is not in shape due to his age, he can walk every day and do exercises at home. Actually, all we can do to help is to support. I also look through the latest researches now and then. By the way, I've recently read about rybelsus Online (a medication for people with t2d that is used as a supplement to the main diabetes meds). I want my brother to try it after consulting his doctor. Maybe, this info will be interesting for you. Anyway, I wish you and your father good luck!

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