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Thread: Why does your banker need your personal credit profile for your business loan?

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    Why does your banker need your personal credit profile for your business loan?

    A business owner asks for a $100,000 loan. Credit for company looks good and the banker is ready to do the deal. She pulls the owner's credit up and it shows that he is over-extended, and delinquent on several loans. What would you think about extending the person credit? Are you eager, confident and assured? Be honest. Consider this when figuring out if you need good credit for business loans. Of course you do. Fix your credit. Keep it fixed.

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    That's weird, I have been using different services for loans, but I never dealt with business loans, to be honest... I mostly use the one called ekfastener, for example, and I am pretty sure that you will find it helpful to you too, have a look there and good luck with everything
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    Credit can be risky under current conditions.

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    There are many ready-made IT solutions. It may even be off-the-shelf applications on your computer. Or looking for ready-made plugins

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    thank you for inform us

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    Unfortunately, there are lenders who take into account too many factors before giving you money, sometimes even more than banks. Have you thought about getting one of those loans for self-employed? You don't need to have a high credit score, I know it from my own experience. Also, such services are ready to give you money in a short period of time, which is important and convenient.
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    Be aware with fake services. It depends what company or person you having loan from? Affiliated Companies will never make you fool even they will not ask you all your personal information except few required things. So inquire first that the loan you having from company or person is registered or not are they real?

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    Your credit history shows lenders how well you manage your debts and whether you make payments on time, and it also reports how much money you have borrowed in the past and whether you have ever declared bankruptcy. I personally started using the credit carma service. It allows me to see my credit scores, reports, and personalized tips and tools to help me achieve my financial goals. When my banker couldn't figure out some details, I addressed the service via the credit karma phone number and easily found out everything I needed. It is convenient.

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