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Thread: Software suggestions

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    Software suggestions

    We are in need of updating our software.
    medium sized company
    we are a b2b wholesaler
    need a complete program
    sales - order entry
    inventory control
    accounting (prefer with payroll)

    what is making this difficult is that we have to have the following:

    1 - must have kitting ability
    2 - must have ability to disassemble kits
    3 - must have landed cost

    If anyone could make some recommendations I would be grateful.
    Yes there are still lots more criteria but if we can hit these 3 off the bat it would help me reduce the quantity of software.

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    I think it is better to contact the developer of your software, they will be able to update.

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    No they will not update. The software is written in COBOL. They are closing down after this year. Unfortunately the software is way more advanced that anything I have reviewed. Yes even SAP. Yes I have tried to interest other companys/programmers into taking on converting this software but so far no luck. If it were possible we would not change but that is not an option.
    Thank you anyway.

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