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Thread: what affects your SEO ranking?

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    Post what affects your SEO ranking?

    The answer is in three categories; Page Load Time, Keyword Selection, & Content Creation.
    Page Load Time is the key to maintain your audience on-site, if your page load time is low your audience won't wait for it and would eventually bounce out.
    Keyword Selection is way important if you want to rank higher in the right search result, use relevant keywords so that you get a more typical interested audience.
    Content Creation is the land of all, because if everything goes well but the content is not up to the point and well maintained then you might have a problem in maintaining your audience.

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    I think an integrated approach is needed.

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    Thank you very much for the info here! I have created a great website with a free website builder, and I am looking for some good tips and help with SEO for it. I find this thread pretty informative and helpful

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    A Secure and Accessible Website.
    Page Speed (Including Mobile Page Speed)
    Mobile Friendliness.
    Domain Age, URL, and Authority.
    Optimized Content.
    Technical SEO.
    User Experience (RankBrain)

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    There are so many factors of SEO ranking, those are following below-

    1. Page loading time (Including Mobile Page Speed)
    2. Mobile friendliness is a term used to describe the ability of a website to be
    3. Domain age, URL, and authority are all factors to consider.
    4. Content that has been optimised
    5. SEO for technical purposes.
    6. Links for User Experience (RankBrain).
    7. Social Indications
    8. Genuine Business Data

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    SEO Ranking depends on a number of factors like:
    1. Content: Content has and will always be the king Quality Content is very crucial to rank any website.
    2. Technical SEO: UX-UI, Audit Issues, Schema, Meta Tags.
    3. Backlinks: Quality and Niche based backlinks boost the SEO rankings in a positive manner.
    4. Core webs vitals.
    5. Mobile Friendliness.

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    Page Speed
    Low quality backlinks
    Mobile Friendliness
    Duplicate content

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    Core web vitals
    Desktop friendliness
    Mobile friendliness
    Webpage Content Relevancy to the KW's that we target for that page
    Meta robots tags
    Meta descriptions, titles

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    Social media presence and engagement can indirectly impact your SEO ranking by increasing brand visibility and driving traffic to your site.

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