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Thread: what affects your SEO ranking?

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    Post what affects your SEO ranking?

    The answer is in three categories; Page Load Time, Keyword Selection, & Content Creation.
    Page Load Time is the key to maintain your audience on-site, if your page load time is low your audience won't wait for it and would eventually bounce out.
    Keyword Selection is way important if you want to rank higher in the right search result, use relevant keywords so that you get a more typical interested audience.
    Content Creation is the land of all, because if everything goes well but the content is not up to the point and well maintained then you might have a problem in maintaining your audience.

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    Yes, you are right the page loading time, user-friendly site, keyword selection, and content creation can affects your SEO ranking. These are the most important factors which need to be remembered everytime.

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    i disagree with page load time. This happens only if your page loads too slow.

    A page has less information and loads faster, but another page has good information with nice images but loads a bit slower than the other, google will definitely rank the page with good information.

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